EL Gammal Electronics

Was started under dynamic leadership of Mr. Anwar El Gammal, January 1975. EL Gammal Electronics, being one of the pioneers and leading components suppliers for almost 4 decades has built an infrastructure to supply market and deliver quality products to our customers all over Egypt and Africa.

Founded in 1975 EL Gammal Electronics assumes a top position among the suppliers of electronic components, sensors and tools.

The vast and huge range of electronic / electromechanical offered by EL Gammal Electronics includes various types of Integrated Circuits (IC’s), Transistors, TRIAC, Regulators, Thyristors, Diodes, LEDs, Resistors, Capacitors, Sensors, Relays, Measurements instruments, Test instruments, and Tools.

Our massive lists of products database we have at EL Gammal Electronics that exceeds a million, full fills the needs of our customers serving more than one hundred thousand student yearly selling the best quality of products that suits all our customers.

Through our branches and our experienced sales, customer service and management teams that consists of 40+ employees, EL Gammal Electronics have successfully established customer loyalty by working towards establishing lesser gap between what our customer wants and products/services we deliver.